The desire of temporary lodging  accomodations  like hotels and resort to present an awesome atmosphere to welcome treasured guests depends on several factors like personalized services, ambience, cleanliness and detailed complimentary toiletries for the comfort of guests to create a truly luxurious standard that make guests richer for the hospitality experience
The alluring items however, have the potency of creating the desire to be taken home after the holiday
Guests however, should be properly guided about items they are free to take away from hotel room and those they are prohibited from taking away

The following items provided in rooms can be used by guests or taken away for free:

Toiletries like bath gel, soap, hand and body lotion, moisturizer, face wash, shampoo, conditioner, perfume, tissue, tooth brush, paste, shower cap and bathroom slippers,

Room items such as stationery, logo pens, notepaper, postcards, and envelopes

The following items must not be removed from the room when departing:
Bed linen, bath robe, towels, hairdryers, irons, weigh scales, hairdryers, I-pad, clock, DVD, radios, remote controls, ash trays, coffee maker, electric kettle, drinking mugs and glass, cutlery, dress hangers, wall paintings, and religious books
Hotels bill the credit card on file for the extra cost of replacing items that were wrongfully taken away.
Guests desirous of having items in hotels rooms not meant to be taken away can request to buy the items from the hotel shop or from their online stores