smart gate 1 Ghana’s vision of turning the Kotoka International Airport into a regional hub received a boost with the launch of the Self-service Electronic Border Management System gates at the Kotoka International Airport, Accra Ghana.

The installed E-gates system is an automated immigration control mechanism that combines the state of the art E-gate hardware and software technology that carries out identification, authentication and verification of the biometric details of every passport presented for clearance through the placement of the passport on the gadget to complete immigration formalities normally carried out physically by Immigration officials,

Passengers are required to register, physically enrol their biometric data and voluntarily submit themselves for a background check were required before using the Smart gates.

At the smart gates, passengers queue up and take turns to enter into the secure enclosure for passport processing. Once the Identification, authentication and verification of the passport holder are successfully completed the front exit door opens automatically to allow the passenger exit.

The automated process shortens the time and queue required to complete immigration formalities that have for long been a major source of delays for passengers. It also increases airport efficiency and better passenger experience through a seamless arrival and departure process.