yoruba-congress-2 The World Yoruba cultural Congress is scheduled to take place from the 7th – 9th March, 2017 in Kumasi Ghana according to the the President of the Yoruba Community in Ghana, Alhaji Musa Baba during a media address at the Accra International Press Centre.

The event according to the organizers have the royal blessing of Yoruba Traditional rulers that includes the Ooni of Ife and the Alaafin of Oyo. It is geared towards bringing together all Yoruba’s to celebrate and showcase the rich cultural heritage and inculcate their values in the younger generation who are at the brink of losing touch with their cultural heritage.

“The congress will also afford Yorubas in Ghana the opportunity to travel to one big town where, especially the youth, will mix and engage in all forms of contests, singing, dancing, dressing, cooking and what have you. It will also afford Ghanaian’s the opportunity to appreciate the true Yoruba culture. This will surely promote unity between the Yoruba’s and Ghanaians that will lead to national unity and cohesion,” said the President.

Ghana in general was chosen for having the largest concentration of Yoruba’s and descendants outside of Nigeria estimated to be about one million and Kumasi in particular for been centrally located for all travels within Ghana

Yoruba’s from Nigeria and the Diaspora will converge in Kumasi for the cultural event that will also showcase Ghana to first time visitors.