happy-employeesIn the ever keenly competitive and dynamic business marketplace, organisations are constantly deploying latest technological advancements and trends to gain competitive business advantage. At some point the competitive edge may become marginal thereby compelling businesses to leverage on the ultimate business game changer to maintain their competitive advantage. The Employees individually and collectively are the ultimate game changer for businesses.

Employees who have a sense of belonging or are made to feel they have a stake in the work environment are motivated to become more productive, pro-active and eager to go the extra-mile in Service Delivery.

Some organisations are known to have overtime grown in size and revenue and eventually becoming complacent in matters that relates to their employees work performnce and personal well-being. Such organisations have missed out on the logic that places premium on employees who are key to their growth and development.

In Japan Employees are constantly encouraged to be loyal to the Customers since they are the ones who ultimately pay their wages.

Employees who constantly exhibit a duty of care to their customers and organization are the greatest asset any organization can have and should be empowered and encouraged. Where personalized services are required employees are the most important link between their organisations and Customers in the production and consumption of services which run concurrently.

J.W. Marriott Jr said “we must do all we can to ensure that our organization’s systems, methods, and policies serve the people who serve our customers”

Showing your employees you care and value them by been attentive to their feelings and needs, regular training, recognition of exceptional performance, create a work-life balance and ability to grow to the peak of their career will motivate and commit employees to the importance of placing very high premium on spot-on Customers Services delivery.

Virgin Atlantic owner Richard Branson said” Clients do not come first, Employees come first, If you take of your employees and they will take care of your clients”

Hospitality industry icon Danny Meyer opined that “treating your staff well isn’t just the right thing to do but good business: “A happier staff leads to happier guests and more profit.”

According to Meyer’s formula “the first and most important application of hospitality is to the people who work for you and then to the guests.”