The 3 Sisters mountain

The “Three Sisters” is the name given to a natural body of mountains in Song LGA that is about an hour drive from Yola the caital of Adamawa state in North East Nigeria. Although it is not clearly known how the mountains came about the title, people around the place are really appreciative of this natural wonder. They believe the threesome mountains form apart of them and as such, take them as a family.

The beauty of the “three sisters”, the wonderful ambience and the extra ordinary stories of it make it a destination for the adventurous and discerning tourist. When approaching the mountains, one would see the three slanting inwards to the right, with the most prominent been on the left and the only one that could be climbed by the adventurous tourists.

Locals say it is practically not possible to climb the one in the middle even though it is the smallest of the three mountains. From a distance on approach from Jimeta, it would seem like the first mountain is the biggest followed by the second but surprisingly, the last mountain is the biggest of the three, quite an amazing view. Lore has it that the one in the middle is a volcanic mountain that erupted over twenty years ago, before the Bango people who speak Bata as their language came to live and mixed with the Fulani’s at the foot of the mountain.

For the Bango people, the “three Sisters” remains a significant part of their history. The middle mountain once erupted violently culminating in their having to move to the side of the mountain for safety. Since then, they have found it difficult to live at the boot of the mountain not been sure of the likelihood of another eruption

Many people had tried to climb the middle mountain but it was futile due to its slippery and rough edges. Some believe that there is a spirit being that lives on the mountain that makes it difficult to climb the mountain. Most people who dared to climb the mountain are said to have died in the process. However, a man who survived after making it to the top had a tale of woes to tell. He was said to have got stuck midway trying to snatch the egg of a vulture and could not come down the mountain until good Samaritans came to his rescue with the aid of a ladder. No other person is known to have survived attempts to climb the middle mountain.

If you get to visit Song in Adamawa state without climbing the mountain, you would have missed most of the fun and enjoyable part of your visit. If you have never been to the “three sisters” make it part of your next tourist destination as it promises to be memorable.

View from the top of the mountain is captivating with noticeable changes in the atmospheric conditions. Discerning tourists to the top gets to see the beauty of the three sisters with a waoh feeling that makes the discerning and adventurous tourist richer for the experience.

Three Sisters

By Aisha Saleh