Kajuru 5Kajuru Castle located in Kajuru town on the Southern Kashia Road, about 45 Kilometres from Kaduna city centre and three hour drive from Nigeria’s Capital Abuja. It is a German styled iconic Architectural masterpiece having a Baronial hall and suits of Armour. It was built in 1978 by a German expatriate who resided in the locality at the time He blasted the top of a rock and used the stones from the rock to build the castle

Kajuru Castle is set upon an elevated peak with towers and bartizans reaching to the skies, scenic landscapes, forest and guided tours for a pleasurable and memorable experience

The Castle is a private property having a well equipped kitchen for self- catering with capacity for up to 150 day guests and 12 overnight lodgers. It comprise of a four rooms guest tower referred to as the `dungeons`, a master suite also known as the Landlord`s residence`, a central building with an authentic knights` hall and a fortified dragon tower guarded by the castle `dragons`. The exclusivity of the Castle requires that the whole facility can only be occupied or used by a group at a time. Guests to the castle are welcomed at the doors by the Manager who gives a brief history and guided tour of the castle

A stainless swimming pool, Finnish sauna and barbeque spot are conspicuously located in the middle of the court for the pleasure of guests.

The breath taking castle, rocky terrain, clear blue skies and beautiful landscape makes the Kajuru castle a unique get away for exclusive wedding celebrations family holiday, group leisure trips and the more adventurous for hiking up the hills by the castle

The provision of requisite infrastructures, development of standard hotels, Resorts and other tourism related facilities will greatly encourage Tourism in the locality and propel Kajuru into becoming an important Tourism Destination in Nigeria in general and Kaduna in particular

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