African Union (AU) will at its July summit in Kigali, Rwanda unveil the e-Passport that will allow African citizens visa free access to all the countries in the continent.

The passport is part of the agenda 2063 for “a continent with seamless borders” for the free flow of people, domestic goods and services for the attainment of socio-economic development.

Ghana had earlier announced the introduction of Visa on Arrival for all Africans visiting the country in a move aimed at fostering continental integration and commerce

It is a well known fact that non Africans could easily travel round the continent than Africans themselves, though regional bodies like ECOWAS have treaties in place that allow citizens to freely travel within member states.

There are however, growing concerns about the viability of this scheme giving the precarious level of terrorism in some African countries and possible backlash of mass immigration from improvised countries to better placed economies.

The e-passport will initially be made available to A.U Heads of State, Foreign Ministers and Permanent Representatives based in the A.U.’s headquarters in Addis Ababa. Other AU citizens will however, start having access to e-passport from 2018.