Detailed analyses by the Entertainment Industry Stakeholders have proved that the telecom operators in Nigeria are ripping off some talented Nigerians musicians. At the 4th annual conference of the Nigerian Entertainment Conference  (NEC) held  recently at the Landmark Convention Centre, Oniru, Lagos, Nigerians were shocked with the statistics of how ‘Caller tunes’ are used by Network providers to generate income worth billions of Naira with the Artists getting little or nothing.

The Director, Public Affairs of Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Mr. Tony Ojobo who was one of the panelists discussing “restructuring the entertainment industry as last hope for Africa’s largest economy” at the event, reiterated the detailed influx of Nigerians on YouTube to download free music of these artists. He x-rayed how over 97 million Nigerians access the internet currently and revealed the Commission’s plan for approval and licensing of four more Broadband services as an enhanced effort of the government in providing an enabling environment for internet users.

However, a clarion call was made by various artists and stakeholders of the industry imploring restructuring of the entertainment industry and the need for formal financing of the sector for growth. In his speech, NEC chairman Mr. Ayeni Adekunle, said “as the entertainment businesses the world over continues to see rapid shocking changes with the future of the industry increasingly relying on the Information Technology and novel ideas. There is need for restructuring the industry while taking concrete steps in studying global trends and integrating them.