LakeOfStars-2014_copyLake of Stars according to the organizers was derived from the title given to the Lake by the great explorer, David Livingstone and the fisher men’s light that shine on the horizon like stars.

The Lake of Stars was set up in the year 2003 by Will Jameson, a wild life volunteer to promote Malawian Arts and Cultural tourism through international interaction and exposure in order to generate revenue for the Malawian economy.

This Cultural Festival of Music sets on the shimmering, palm-fringed shores of Lake Malawi and brings together Malawian and international artists for a musical, social and cultural exchange in a festival-like manner. Over time, it has metamorphosed to an annual three days International acclaimed Arts and Cultural Festival for the Malawian Hospitality Industry.

The Lake of Stars festival serves as the main source of tourist attraction when travelling around the beautiful territory of Malawi.

Economic Benefits of the Lake of Stars

According to the IMF World Economic Outlook, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Malawi in April 2014 was $4 Billion. This 3-day annual musical event has become a relevant source of foreign exchange revenue for the emerging Malawian economy.  In this year alone, the estimated total revenue from this event was $2.5 million for the economy.

The Festival`s impact figures according to the organizers are:         

  • About 200 million viewers around the globe through the electronic media
  • 13 countries with participating artists at the event
  • Over 30 Nationalities in attendance
  • 414 performers
  • 88 Artistic acts
  • 5 Chinese classical artists
  • 2 Japanese tap dancers
  • 87 hours of entertainment
  • 3800 people attended the festival
  • 200+ employment opportunities created
  • 160 volunteers
  • 3 day road trip of two bands from Cape town, South Africa

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